Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Keep on hooking

I'm going on with the granny square blanket: 38 squares completed and 10 already blocked.

I'm blocking them now because I'll be joing them with the join-as-you-go method working the last round.

I haven't made a lot of progress on it lately because I came back to stitch a lot (coming soon), but also because I've begun a new project: the Japanese Flower Scarf of Lucy (endless source of inspiration):

These are my first 7 flowers, I'm making one a day because I had to restrain myself or I'll be working with this gorgeous yarn all day long, forgetting everything else!

The yarn is 100% baby alpaca (which cost quite a fortune, 6 € each...), in 6 colours:

I'd liked brighter colours but my LYS just had these, so I think I'll be hunting new shops in the next days.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Totally hooked part 2

February has been an intense hooky month!
I've started working on a blanket, inspired by one made by great Lucy: it's a granny square that will sit on the sofa of my boyfriend's house. It will be my gift to him for our fourth anniversay on September.
I'm using Derby yarn by Grignasco which is a blend of 70% pure wool and 30% acrilic in 19 different colours:

My granny squares have 8 rounds, the first 7 random and the last round will be the same for all the squares.
Up til now I've made 33 squares with 7 rounds, I'll do the last while joing them all together.

Here's all my yarn and squares packed in my bag which finally has a lining:

And now, I show you my first granny square project, a scarf which I started back last year and was finished around mid January:

It turned out so big!

It gets you so warm that I used it only in the really freezing days, even though I might be reusing it now since here the weather is really cold and rainy in the last days...