Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Hi all, just a very quick post while gingerbread bakes, for whishing you all a very Merry Christmas!
I want to thank everybody who stops by for reading my blog and leave a comment, and in particular I want to say a very BIG thank you to my followers: Chaotic Crafter, Tammy Bergeron, Ronjja, Daffycat, Measi, Cindy, Jmyers0925, Rachel of "Does the noise in my head bother you?", Rachel of "Come stitch with me", Ana~stitch, Mel, Chris McGuire, Zenuwpees, Jennifer, Aderye, TammyK, Nia, Agi, Claire, Lissannej, Ewa, Nina, Mangogirl, Cindy Mae, Melissa, Racheal, Hoebeltje, Enrica, Maria4katter, Astrid, Melinda, Xeihua (Sara), Mdgtjulie, Heli, Hannah Holdroyd, Anne, Svetlana, Joysze, Joanne P, Kathy, Bev, Andie, Lisa, Blu_bird_7, Carol, Freddysmama(Kirstin), thank you for following my blog.

I leave you with a pic of my Christmas tree and may your days be "merry and bright"!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

IHSW progress

This weekend has been the last IHSW of the year, and I decided to stitch on January Garnet Fairy becase I neglected her a lot lately.
When i picked her up she looked like this:

And here you can see how it looks now:

Not a lot of work done, still a lot to do, and for sure I won't be able to finish her by the end of the year as I intended to do.

Before the end of the year I'll stitch on Calendar Cats to try to finish at least it!

See you in a couple of days for a "Merry Christmas" post.

Friday, 16 December 2011


Hi all, sorry for this two weeks absences, but I've got so many things going on lately that it's really hard to find a little time to come here and post.
I hope to have more time in the next days, I've got many thing to share!
It's IHSW this weekend and I'll be working again on my January Garnet Fairy.
Happy stitching!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Forest Goddess back from the framer

My lady is back from the framer. I like the way she turned out. When I first saw her on the frame I thought "WOW!"
Hope you like it too!

Forest Goddess by Mirabilia
02/2009 - 10/2011
Floss: DMC and Kreinik as charted
Beads: Mill Hill as charted
Fabric: Dusk by Silkweaver in 32 ct Lugana

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Some words on Calendar Cats

First of all, thank you for your kind words on my little cat, I love him too.
I just realized that my updates on this project haven't been really accurate, so I'd like to make a little recap on it.
I bought Calendar Cats as a kit from Sew and So back on August 2007, after lurking at it for some time.
I started stitching on it as soon as it arrived, starting from the center, the May Cat.
Then on September of 2007 I decided to stitch a cat a month, so I left the May cat unfinished and I moved to the September one.
I stayed stick to the rule of a cat a month until February 2008, but skipping the December cat. Then it became a UFO as I was working on so many other projects!






I then completed the March cat and the June cat sometime between 2008 and 2010.



Back last year I made the August cat, and that was the last time I talked about it here, until now.


But earlier this year I made the April cat and I've finally finished n.1, May cat, here they are.

Now that also July is done:

This is how the entire project looks like:

Just the December cat is missing... big happy dance coming soon!

Monday, 21 November 2011

IHSW: July cat HD and a new start

This weekend was IHSW so I put away the crochet and the knitting needles and I just stitched.
First I worked on Calendar Cats, I finished the July cat, a really cute one, that holds a basket of summer flowers. Now just one cat is missing, the December one, so I'm sure I'll finally finish this project by the end of the year.

Then I started a new project "La balancoire" by Nimue, a little baby fairy on a swing.

I've also worked on Home of a Needleworker by LHN but it was a very tiny progress, so no pic!
Like last month, I really enjoyed hermitting, it's great to have someday every month to be dedicated to stitching.
This week I'll try to find some more stitching time to work on La balancoire and on HOAN, but I must bring the crochet back because winter is coming, I've already caught a sore throat so I'd better finish the scarf I'm making and get started with a beret!

Friday, 18 November 2011


This weekend is IHSW again!
Last month I finished my Forest Goddess thank to it.
For this month I want to stitch on three things:
First I want to finish my July Cat from Calendar Cats which is nearly finished, just some blackwork to be done.
Second I want to put some stitches on Home of a Needleworker, which is a long time ufo.

Third I want to start a new project, La Balancoire by Nimue.

Hope to find enough time to hermit, and I can't wait to see the progresses of all the others Hermiters.
See you on Monday!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Lots of frogging going on!

In my last post I showed you the shawl I'm working on and I've told you that it was about time for the 200 gr. pic. When I finished the yarn the battery of my camera was dead, so I put it on charge and I just kept on hooking...

When I get almost at the end of the next ball of yarn, I discovered that I made a mistake a lot of rounds before....
So here I am, back on round 39, after frogging 11 rows....

You can see that it looks pretty much as in the last pic, but you can also see the ball of yarn that came from all the frogging...

I really need to check the pattern more often and not rely too much on my memory, it failed me this time!!

And this wasn't the only thing that I frogged lately: I'm learning to knit and I've made an attempt at this pattern, and when I was halfway I realised that it was turning out too big, so I had to start again from the beginning.

I've also stitched lately, I'm trying to finish my Calendar Cats, July cat almost done.... a little HD is coming!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Alpine Shawl

I've been wanting to make a shawl for some time now, and finally I found the right pattern and the right yarn, so here I am.

I love knitted shalws, they all look gorgeous, but since I'm just mastering stockinette stitch, I've decided to make a crocheted one.
I've chosen Alpine Shawl by Cristina Mershon and I'm making it with this yarn: Grignascoknits Loden in the color 607 a very dark green.

Some progress pics:

50 gr.

100 gr.

150 gr.

Almost time for the 200 gr. pic...

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Forest Goddess Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I'm really happy, I've finally finished my first Mirabilia!!!
Thanks to the IHSW I picked her up friday evening and I didn't left her until she was finished!
So here she is....

Forest Goddes by Mirabilia
32 ct Lugana By Silkweaver in Dusk
DMC floss and Mill Hill Beads as listed
02/2009 - 10/2011

Of course it doesn't take more than 3 years (OMG!!!) (I got wrong, I started her on February 2009, not 2008, so it makes more then 2 years - OMG as well!!!) to finish her, but before her I had just stitched very simple things like LHN, so it wasn't easy to learn how to tackle with all those colours! Also it's my first beaded project and I've learned that beading while stitching isn't really wise, that's why JGF didn't saw a bead yet.

Anyway, I loved to stitch her, she was the first I fell for when I first discovered Mirabilia, and still now is one of my favourites.

I really like the beads around her head:

I think it took me so long to get her finished because of her skin: at the beginning I was making it over 2, then I saw a Mirabilia with the skin made over 1, I decided that it was just gorgeous and I had to make my FG over 1 too!
So I frogged what I've already stitched and restarted it over 1..... it was a nightmare!
So I frogged again and re-restarted over 2....
Then I think I got mad, fallen in love with over 1 now, frogged, re-re-restarted...
In the end I had to confront the truth... I would never finish her, stitching over 1 was really upsetting me, I didn't like the way it was turning out, I got immediately tired when stitching it, so I took my final decision, and finally she had all of her skin done over 2!

Here's a close up of her face, I think she's nice, even if it's not over 1

Hope you like her, and expect another Mirabilia Happy Dance by the end of the year...

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A month later... I have autumn

Finally autumn is coming my way! It's still really hot in here these days, but just while the sun is out, while the evenings are turning quite freezy.

The other day me and my boyfriend made a little stroll in the woods near his house searching for sweet chestnuts. This year the weather hasn't been perfect for them but we manage to find some.

I really enjoied spending an hour in the nature, with just the sounds of the wind through the leaves and the water flowing by. This is what I call a simple peasure that makes my day!

Sorry for the blurry picture but clearly photography is not for me!!!

P.S.: I've just signed for IHSW for the first time, I really need to dedicate a little time to stitching, all my wips have been neglected so much in the last couple of months!
I think I'll try to finish Forest Goddess which looks like that right now...

I've made my final decison about her skin, and I'll make over 2 beacuse the fabric is 32 ct and I really can't stand making it over 1. Plus I've made the skin of JGF over 2 on 28 ct fabric and I think it looks just nice, so over 2 will be!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I want autumn

As Vanessa, who's craving for autumn, me too, I really can't wait for it to arrive!
It can be weird, but it's my favourite season, cold, but not freezing; still full of colours, with all the leaves turning bright red, yellow or orange...
So, while waiting for it to arrive, let just dream of it with some autumn images found on weheartit a nice place that I've recently discovered where you can save all the images that you find on the web that touch your heart!

Friday, 9 September 2011

DMC Colour Card

Last year I started stitching the DMC Colour card: it seemed a good idea at the beginning, but then it turned out that's a really boring stitching! And this is why, I'm just at the fourth column, even though I started it almost a year ago!

I think I should try and make a colour a day, so maybe it'll be less boring, but I've got so many wonderful wips, both cross stitch and crochet that this one keeps being neglected!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Japanese Flower

In the last months I've made some progresses on my past crochet projects, the Japanese Flower scarf and the granny square blanket.

This is the scarf so far, with 22 flowers completed and some already joined together.
This project is now on hold beacuse I'd like to add other colours in it, but it's really hard to find alpaca wool in bright colors.
I've alread added the yellow but I'm not really happy about it, because it's bigger than all the other colours so the flowers with yellow in them are a little bit bigger too!
Anyway, I'd like to add a pale green and a pink, hope to find them soon.

Monday, 22 August 2011

A new start

I've recently started "V is for Valentine" by The Victoria Sampler which has been kitted up for a year now.

Just some stitches, beacause you need a new start from time to time!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

JGF update

My little fairy is growing! I'd never thought that I could like so much a project with so much pink involved! I'm not at all a pink lady, I love all the cold colours, all the greens, the blues.

I'm getting scared at all the empty spaces that I'm living, to make room for the beads.
Beading is going to be a long work, and this chart calls for 8 (!) different beads!! And I don't think this is one of the most heavily beaded Mira!
Anyway, I'm sure that she'll be just great with all her blings on!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Crocheted things sprounting up!

Lately I've been busy crocheting little things.
Inspired by wonderful Lucy of Attic 24, I've made:
Wrtist warmers (they still need to be sewned)

Little flower to turn into a brooch

Then, since this year here in Italy we're celebrating our 150th anniversary, I've made this patriotic flower, with the colors of our flag, using the tutorial of Teresa,whose Youtube channel is just great, I'm learning a lot with her!

Also from a Teresa's tutorial I've made this little box.

And finaly I've made a cell phone pouch.

I'm also working on another project of Teresa, the ladybug.

And last but not least, I've made a scarf for myself, exactly the same as the one that I've made for my boyfriend this past winter, beacuse I've really fallen in love with that particular yarn.

Friday, 5 August 2011

A sad blogaversary

2004 - 2011

She use to spend the night hunting outside our gate, waiting for rats to come out of the canal that flows just opposite the road. It is a byway, but this allows people to think that they can speed as mush as they please.... many times I found her out there, at the border of the road, and I was afraid for her, and this night has been her last one.
I'm very sad, she was an affectionate little girl, and we'll miss her a lot.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Granny square blanket getting big

I'm really loving this blanket, I've put a lot of efforts in it to make it grow during these months.
I've already made more than half the squares I'm supposed to do, 50 out of 88 total.
Some rows are almost done, while all the other squares have just been joined randomly together.

There are some squares I'm really in love with, like the followings:

I'm also pleased that my boyfriend really likes these squares too, since this will be a gift for him, likely for Christmas.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Stylish blogger award!!!

Many thanks to Jo who gave me this award!!!!!!
I'm really happy about it, not just for the fact that it's my first award, but becuase Jo awarded it to me (and to 7 other great blogs) beacuse she thinks it's a blog that needs a wider audience!!! Again, many thank you, Jo!!!
So, as I saw on her blog, I think that now I'm supposed to say 7 things about me and then pass the award to other blogs, lets start:

7 things about me...

1 - As my blog address says, I want red hair, because I've got a quite pale skin
and green eyes, so I've always thought that I'd look better with red hair. And
since I'm a natural blonde, I've been dying my hair red for 6 years now.

2 - I'm a huge fan of fantasy, here you can see all my fantasy books...

Italian series of fantasy

Some Harry Potter books in italian

All 7 Harry Potter books in english

The Lord of the Rings trilogy in italian and in english

More fantasy books!

3 - As Jo said I love cats, I've got four right now, here they are:





4 - I'm just 4 exams away from my degree in enviromental engineering, but if I
had the chance I would have studied herbal medicine!

5 - I've always had a thing for baby names! I first started thinking at my own
baby names when I was about 7 or so (quite early, don't you think?).
Right now I love the name Ginevra.

6 - I wont consider myself a real stitcher since I've stitched a Chatalaine, with which should I start?

7 - I'm a Mirabilia addict! There are so many other beautiful ladies, such as those of Joan Elliott or Passione Ricamo, but I think I'll never be able to stitch them, because I want to stitch all the Mirabilia that I like first and they're 60 out of a total of 115, and I'm leaving out all the pixies and all the other smaller designs, much of those I love too!!! I think this is going to take quite a while..

So those were the 7 things about me...

I'm giving this award to quite well known blogs, but they were my first followers, so I think they deserve it:

Stitchin' addiction by Kirstin
Theraby by thread by Blue
Stitchitandie by Andie
WeeStitchy by Bev
Katy's sit and stitch by Kathy

And I'm giving this award also to these blogs which I've been enjoying for some years now:
Garden of Stitches by Carol
A kiwi stitching by Katrina
Cozy Egg by Michele
Her Boudoir
Plush by Nicky
Purr-stitch by Veronica