Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy 2009!

Finally I'd like to wish you all, but especially to the stitchers, a happy new year!
See you in 2009!

I'll leave you with a pic of my Chrsitmas tree!
The great piece of tapestry that you can see behind the tree is one of the wounderful pieces that my mum realized when she was young.

Goals for 2009

Ok after posting the finishes of 2008, the wips of 2008, it's now time to set the goals for the new year. I don't have many, but I really want to realize them all:

1 - Finish all the LHN, CCN wips
2 -Finish Memories and Calendar Cats
3 - Start and finish by December, 24th 2009 Royal Holiday by Mirabilia (anyone that would like to stitch it with me as a SAL is more than welcome!)
4 - Stitch some new LHN and/or CCN
5 - Stitch the 4 Spot of by The Drawn Thread (already kitted up)
6 - Stitch two pages of Paradigm Lost
7 - Finish page one of C'è una strada nel bosco


Here all my current wips. I hope to be able to finish some of them in the forthcoming year.
First comes the wips I'm sure I'll finish by 2009:

Autum Harvest

Home of a Needleworker


While these are the wips that will still be wips on New Years Eve 2009:

Paradigm Lost

Here it is my favourite piece so far, I really love it. This past August, stitching almost everyday, I was able to finish the first of the twelve pages. Since then I did't have the time to focus again on it. By the end of 2009 I hope to finish at least another 2 pages of it.

C'è una strada nel bosco (A path in the wood)

All the blurs that you can see are actually leaves, or at least they'll look like that when this will be finished. The problem is that this is just page one halfway done, and the total of the pages is eight! Oh My!

And last but not least comes Calendar Cats. This as recently become a MUST finish. I put a bet on it with my boyfriend, since he keeps saying that I'm only able to start projects but not to finish them. So now this is due to be finished by May, 31st 2009, or I'll lose my bet!

Happy Dances of 2008

Here I am for the last posts of the year. First I wanna recap everything that I've completed during the 2008:

Calendar Cats
- Completed January and February Cat

-Realized Herb Garden and Season of Plenty

-Realized Sunflower Sampler
-Realized Floral Posy by Vervaco
-Realized a bib
-Realized a Christmas Ornament as a Chrstimas gift for my boyfriend's mum.

So it's a total of just 7 finishes for 2008, I hope next year I'll do better.